Dveřní systémy HUECK LAMBDA 65 M

thermally insulated, 65 mm profile depth - 34


  • Thermally insulated aluminium door
  • Three-chamber profiles, factory-mounted insulating composite
  • Max. sash weight 230 kg
  • Glass thicknesses from 22 mm to 43 mm
  • Escape door systems in accordance with EN 1125 and EN 179

Elevation width

  • Narrow elevations for fixed and sash frame combinations from 148 mm

Profile depth

  • Fixed and sash frames: 65 mm
  • Flush inside and outside

Insulation zone

  • Shear-connected compound using factory-mounted glass fibre-reinforced polyamide strips 18 mm deep


  • EPDM rebate gasket on both sides in fixed and sash frame
  • Glazing gaskets with narrow view on inside and outside, can be drawn in continuously
  • EPDM threshold gasket, optionally as rebate gasket and/or bottom rail gasket
  • All gaskets coated with sliding polymer, suitable for self-cleaning glazing

Opening types

  • One or two sashes
  • Opening in or out
  • Possible as swing door, finger protection door, with two sashes as push/pull door


  • All common hardware variants: Barrel hinges made of aluminium, steel or stainless steel and surface-mounted hinges made of aluminium

Test results

  • Uf = 2.1 W/(m²×K)
  • Water tightness class 8A (EN 12 208)
  • Air permeability class 3 (EN 12 207)
  • Resistance to wind load class C3 (EN 12 210)