Fasádní systémy HUECK TRIGON 60

Mullion / transom façade, 60 mm profile depth, identical geometry for mullion and transom - 39


  • Thermally insulating aluminium facade design as a mullion-transom construction for vertical, slanting, level or polygonal curtain walls
  • Identical profile geometry for mullion and transom
  • Glass thickness between 4 and 58 mm
  • Various insert elements from the HUECK system possible

Elevation width

  • Transom and cover profiles with an elevation width of 60 mm in various profile geometries

Profile depth

  • Depending on static requirements between 32 and 264 mm

Insulating zone

  • Insulating profiles made of glass fibre-reinforced polypropylene
  • Foamed insulating profiles for increased thermal insulation


  • Shaped gasket pieces covering the entire joint area are used at the transom connection
  • Optional single-piece or two-piece EPDM gaskets as external gasket
  • Can be inserted on site without sealing material

Test results

  • Suitable for passive houses, ift guideline WA 15/2
  • Water tightness static RE 1200, dynamic 250 Pa / 750 Pa (EN 12154)
  • Air permeability class AE (EN 12152)
  • Resistance to wind load: Permitted load 2.4 kN/m2 and increased load 3.6 kN/m2 (EN 12179)
  • Bullet resistance up to FB6-S (EN 1522-1)
  • Burglar resistance WK 1 / WK2 / WK3 (ENV 1627)